Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Wideness of God's Mercy

We're off to the Churchwide Assembly tomorrow. Churchwide--a funny term. I'm not sure anything is actually church-wide any more. There are folks in our church who disagree so vehemently, the church may not be wide enough to hold us all. Fortunately, God's mercy is a whole lot wider than our capacity to empathize with one another.

The Solid Rock Lutherans are hard at work trying to make sure that our church never blesses a same-sex union or ordains an openly gay or lesbian person. They are sending out daily posts, which are then forwarded on by our liberal mole to the folks identified in those posts as "The Opposition." The Opposition. I feel so special.

I'll avoid all of the obvious jokes about the Assembly being held within miles of Walt Disney World. This is important stuff, actually. The future of our church hangs in the balance. Will we be a church which grows and evolves with its people? Or will we cling to old prejudices and a literal interpretation of scripture we say we don't practice?

I'll let you know.

Pastor Donna

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Niki said...

I pray that at Church Wide the love of Christ will consume those who have cloaked themselves in the past. In hate and injustice. I pray that their hearts are opened. I pray for you.