Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Funny Headline of the Day

In today's Kansas City Star, Page A-3, I read the following headline and tried not to choke on my cinnamon toast:

DeLay implores religious right to make stand.

You can read the whole article if you want:
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But you can probably guess what it says. In America, "of course there is a war on Christianity today," says Tom Delay, and it is time for the Religious Right to start trying in earnest to influence public policy (if you are at work, try not to laugh too hard, because those desk chairs are notoriously unstable).

Oh, and just for you, friends, a bonus quote of the day. Rev. Rick Scarborough, who is identified in the article as "a fellow Texan and key organizer of 'values voters' in the 2004 presidential election," offered a description of Tom Delay (that guy under endictment for conspiracy and money-laundering, and "under scrutiny" for his many ties to tainted lobbyist Jack Abramoff). According to Rev. Scarborough, Delay is "a man God has represent righteousness in government."

Repent, for the end may very well be near.

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Andy B. said...

And how about that "God does his best work after a crucifixion" quote? So, Delay is Christ crucified and will now be lifted up to the right hand of the Father? Well, at least he'll be out of our hair!
Andy B.