Thursday, June 29, 2006

So many cords, so little time

Remember the olden days? In your bedroom you'd have a lamp, and maybe a stereo (though some of us had a battery-operated transistor). Maybe you even had a stereo and a clock radio. Still, those would pretty much be all the "corded things" you had. There would be empty plugs, just waiting for a blow dryer, or a fan.

Today I'm sitting in my spare bedroom/office, and realizing that if these cords rise up against me, I'm a goner. There are two different power strips in here, and every plug except the one we just uncovered (used to be behind the bed) is chock full. I've got a couple of printers, a stereo, a monitor, a processor, a Road Runner box, and a desk lamp plugged in under my feet. There's a fan, a phone, the charger for the PDA, and something-else-I'd-have-to-follow-the-cord plugged in behind me. Into the computer box run cords for most of the aforementioned items, plus the connector cables for the camera, the PDA, the MP3 and whatever else can be reduced to letters and numbers and plugged into the computer.

There's no point to this rant, really. Just a bit of nostalgia for a simpler time, coupled (ironically) with a real love for all of these gadgets.

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