Thursday, September 28, 2006

And another thing...

Okay, while I'm asking questions I sort of know the answers's one that's been rolling around in my head for a bit.

On the three big network nightly news shows, there are two new anchors who came to prominence in this country on morning shows. One is Katie Couric. Perhaps you haven't heard, but she is now anchoring the CBS Evening News. Just kidding. Of course you've heard, because it was a fascinating topic for newspapers, entertainment news shows, and even political cartoonists, for months. The general consensus seemed to be that Katie lacked the credentials to be a serious nightly news anchor, because she was on The Today Show, which does more fluffy stories than a nightly news show.

The other new anchor is Charlie Gibson, who comes to the ABC's World New Tonight from Good Morning America. Perhaps I missed it, but I haven't seen one story, or cartoon for that matter, suggesting that this transition is troubling in the least.

Granted, Charlie Gibson has probably never been described as "perky," the favorite adjective attached to Katie Couric. But it seems like there has to be more at play here. Good Morning America is just as fluffy as The Today Show, so what's the deal? Could it be simply that we don't want a woman--especially a perky one--sitting in the chair once occupied by Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather?

That doesn't seem quite fair. Maybe I'm just being sensitive. I can be sensitive. I'm a woman after all.


Iris said...

I think that sexism is alive and well in America. However, I also wonder if part of it is that in recent years Katie Couric has allowed herself to become a part of the celebrity world. You haven't seen Charlie Gibson guest sta on Will & Grace or be on the cover of People magazine.

Pastor Donna said...

Iris, that is an excellent point. I'm sure that this is an image issue that goes beyond gender. Though I do suspect that gender has something to do with it. Thanks for the food for thought.