Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Really Matters

What do you all think of this?


Anonymous said...

When we talked about this the other day at lunch I had not actually seen the whole video... Are they kidding with the cross in the background? I mean come on... I know it is a harmless "bookshelf" but it is lit for goodness sake! Everything else is in shadow and the CROSS shape is lit like the sun!! What in the world is he trying to say? I think you were right Pastor.. "baby jesus says vote for me!" shameful

Paul B. (Chicago) said...

Well, it's the same level of creepiness as the Giuliani ad. At least he's not sitting next to some freak Santa. Well, he is worse! I agree that Christmas is all about the birth of Christ like he says, but Mike Huckabee to me is like the American Taliban. What he's saying is that he's THE candidate who's going to put his version of religion into the federal government. *shudder* What's scarier is how well this is all working for his campaign. Mike Huckabee is serving one really good purpose: he's further dividing the Republic Party into a thousand arguing factions! Yee haw!