Saturday, February 16, 2008


Okay, yes, I am a sucky blogger of late. I just can't tear myself away from Bad Girls.

That's not really true, though I am kind of obsessed. There are so many bad lesbian love stories on TV, and the Brits finally gave us a good one. Of course, one of the women enters the relationship straight, because the entertainment industry just can't figure out how to have two lesbians fall in love. One of them always has to be previously straight and fall backwards into the relationship, kicking and screaming. Why is that?

Anyway, if you've got LOGO, check out the first three seasons of Bad Girls. I've seen most of it now, so I'll try blogging more than once every couple of weeks. Sorry about that.


Paul B. said...

Well Donna, TV shows ROCK this time of year, and if you want to see some lesbians who ROCK, check out "Rick & Steve" on LOGO -- those plastic animation things -- supposedly a gay story but really all about the lesbians. In my opinion!

OK, can I take you to task on the "straight" girl in a lesbian storyline? At the risk of everyone hating me here, that's been the reality of my lesbian friends: kinda, well, changing. My longest friend from college is a lesbian who's in a life partnership with a man, and my (female) best friend who was straight is now in a lesbian life partnership. This happened way into their 20s/early 30s, not in college.

Gay men don't seem to do that.

I don't know the science, and my sample isn't great here, but I kind of think sexual orientation is different in women than men.

Donna said...

Paul, you are absolutely right that lesbians tend to come out later and a lot of them are with men first. Heck, I barely entertained the thought of being with women until I was thirty and fell head over heals for one. I think it has a lot to do with women being socialized for heterosexual relationships from the time that we're toddlers.

I don't have a problem with dramatized lesbian relationships often involving a woman whose previous relationships have been with men. I just have some trouble with that being the overriding narrative of our lives "as seen on TV." Yeah, "The L Word" is a notable exception, but that's "The L Word" and it's Showtime.

It just seems like the folks who make decisions in the entertainment industry feel like John Q. Public will be more comfortable watching two women make out if one of them is only a lesbian by accident.

Maybe I'm just being sensitive. It just seems like a lot of our experience is invisible. Yeah, I can relate to the woman who is surprised to be attracted to another woman. But I can also relate to the woman who isn't. And wouldn't mind more chances to do so.