Friday, September 05, 2008

Oh, Jon Stewart, Lend Us Your Wisdom


Anonymous said...



you know me well enough to KNOW that this is driving me well.. batty , insane the word choice here is open. This just continues to perpetuate the idea that women are different. Less capable. In need of coddling and defense. Grrr

Yip said...

Donna! I tried and tried, then tried a bit more, to find a link to send an e-mail to you on your blog page, and the church page. If it exists, my aging eyes didn't see it. (Yes...this comment has nothing to do with Jon Stewart)
Heard you on KKFI today! EXCELLENT, as usual. Only heard the last few minutes, but you were (not surprisingly) very good. You do GOOD work, woman! Keep on keepin' on!
Steve (of Steve, Dan and Fred)

Yip said...

Ok, please ignore my comment. I found the link on the church page.
Mercy! It pays to put glasses on, doesn't it!!