Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Anyone" Can Comment--A Parable of Grace

An interesting thing happened today--two of them, in fact. This morning I checked my blog, and still no comments. At first I decided to feel sorry for myself. I'm pretty wedded to the idea that this ought to be a conversation, not my personal e-news column. But then I got to thinking--hey maybe my blog isn't very interesting. Or maybe people are planning to comment and just haven't done so yet. We are a people of grace, after all. I ought to be busier modeling that grace than crying over comments. So I decided to quit feeling sorry for myself, which is a good default mode, but requires some discipline.

Then I went to Covenant Group this morning (see explanation of Covenant Group in previous entry). The first person I saw was Kevin, who told me he had tried to comment on my blog, but it was making him sign in and answer a bunch of questions.

So when I got home, I checked my settings, and sure enough, in the Comments section, "only registered users" was checked. Which I suppose means that you have to register on this blog, or with Blogger, or some such, in order to make a comment.

So I've changed that, and anyone who wants to can leave a comment now. I'll still try to be more interesting--this blog perhaps notwithstanding. :)

Feel free to comment. Or not. I love you either way.


RCinKC said...

Let me be the first to comment. Thanks for making it easy for people to commend without having to fill some kind of form. I also wanted you to know I read your blog, so you won't say anyting bad about me. Keep up the good work.

Andy B. said...

Hooray! Inclusivity! I love it.

Rev. Kevin Shelton said...

Whoo Hoo! I am FREE!!! Free to comment! Thanks Donna!

Love in Christ,