Saturday, January 28, 2006

I Have a Dream: Justification by Grace!

You really have to love this. Unless you're severely disturbed by it. I've seen both reactions, and can understand each.

Clearly someone went crazy with the clip art, and forgot the "King, Jr." As you can see, they even forgot the "Jr." on the sign.

This sign adorned a window at the public library in Schertz, Texas, for at least a week before MLK, Jr. Day. Apparently no one noticed.

Thanks to my friend Andy, who linked this pic (well, the Real Live Preacher blog, which had this pic) on his blog, which is awesome, by the way:

I mentioned this little sign at Pastor's Text Study this week, and one of my colleagues pointed out the irony in the middle of the room: this misunderstanding usually goes the other way. Just ask my wife.


kim said...

hmm, maybe the name of the denomination should be changed to "lutherkingjrian." or something.

on a different topic, i was wondering if you'd heard of a book called blue like jazz, by donald miller. i think you might like it.

thanks for having us at your church.

Andy B. said...

Thanks for the hat tip!