Saturday, October 13, 2007


Hey friends, I have a request. I know Blogger gives you the opportunity to be anonymous when you leave comments. In fact, if you don't have a Blogger account, you have no other choice than to post as "Anonymous."

But I would appreciate it if folks would sign their posts, at least with a first name. I do that when I sign on in other formats, and I notice that most people do that here. I think it helps keep the dialogue on a respectful and decent level.

You are more than welcome to get on here and disagree with me, especially when I'm being petulant (as in the first lapel pin post). But I blog under my real name, and I'm willing to be accountable for what I say. And to apologize when I am being petulant, which I did.

I really want people to feel free to speak their minds. If the only way you can do that is anonymously, then by all means, be anonymous. But if you wouldn't mind leaving your name, I'd appreciate it.


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Anonymous said...

I read the comment regarding the lapel pin, and if the person is that angry, to not leave, at least,a first name, they should not even be making a comment, but to a counselor. It is not like anyone can find you and go face to face. That is not the purpose of blogging. It is just a way for people to express in respectable way, as you say, how one feels about a subject. So don't let someone who is being a jerk, as I say, have control over you. All one can do for someone like that is to pray for them. Trudy