Thursday, October 11, 2007

On pins and wheedles

Are you kidding me? Seriously. This is the mark of a person's patriotism?
Of course it isn't. But in a pinch it will work as yet another pathetic salvo in the culture war as fomented by Fox (please don't make me say News.


Anonymous said...

Are you downing the flag? I gather you are downing the war, which is your right. I don't like war either, but there were a lot of battles and wars in the Bible. Were they wrong too? Even if God wanted it to happen or allowed it to happen, I should say. I look at this pin of the flag as a reminder to pray and remember our soldiers. Geez, lady, lighten up.

Cindy said...

May I ask you about your opinion and pose another one anonymous? I think war is wrong. It's unfortunately necessary at times. It's unfortunately pushed on us at time. Yes, I think some of the wars written about in the Bible were very wrong - I believe they were included to show us in allegory how wrong war can be. My only question for you is this - what the hell does that have to do with the original post? Where is there a diss to the flag in the post? I don't see it. Please cite the spot. Thanks.