Monday, April 06, 2009


That title is mine.

But the best line about the Iowa Supreme Court's unanimous decision that the state law limiting marriage to a man and a woman violates the constitutional rights of equal protection belongs (surprise surprise) to Jon Stewart.

Iowa, now the state more progressive than California.


I live below that state.


I got a ticket there once.

Maybe I'll send them some more money, just as a little thank you gift.
Hee hee.

Thanks, Iowa. You were already the best state to drive across (seriously--no state is more consistently beautiful than Iowa). Now you are the most equal state in the whole Midwest. Good for you!


Andy B. said...

Nice title! It made me laugh out loud. Or as the kids say these days, lol.

Anonymous said...

speaking of talking in text vernacular .. I noticed last night that at least two of my friends now say omg instead of oh my god...(or goodness as the case may be) .. that's not ok!
OH and Iowa? way to have made it to one of my top states..

Anonymous said...

I have to share with you that as nice as the state of Iowa might be for you to drive across - Virginia is far lovlier - especially in the fall when all the leaves are brilliant hues of orange and yellow and red and brown. That having been said. . . I hope someday to see Iowa in person and avail myself of their wonderful hospitality and acceptance. Who would ever think that Iowa would lead the pack of enlightened states?! There is hope! Grace