Monday, April 27, 2009

Toilet Troubles

You know, there are certain things I take for granted. A lot of them, actually, being a rather privileged white American with an education and a career I love.

I never have to worry about being fed. I can't eat out every night, but I always have food.

I take my health for granted.

I take clothing and shelter and access to clean water for granted.

And I take my toilet for granted. It's not working today. The water on my bathroom floor is not clean and I'll spare you the rest of the details. I'm sure one or two of you are grossed out by the fact that I've used the word "toilet" twice in this post already.

You take a running toilet for granted. When you don't have one, it really puts a crimp in the day. I'm trying to figure out whether to go to the gas station or just go out for lunch. (In order to use the facilities, that is. Oh, and eat, because now I'm having a kind of icky day and would like to take myself to lunch, which I can probably afford, though not every day. Things I take for granted.)

Nothing like a little sewage on the floor to get you to think about your priorities.
That's Abraham Lincoln's outhouse in Springfield Illinois in the picture, by the way. Lincoln couldn't take a toilet for granted. Such a great man and he had to go outside.
Though I'd kill for an outhouse today.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. I have had that happen too. Try, moving day on the first of March, the water has been turned on. Bang! Someone did not blow out the pipes after turning off the water for the winter. I live in a mobile home. I have water everywhere. Carpet is soaked. Not just one room, every room. Of course, my water was not..well it was clean. I am sorry that the day has been one for the books. An adventure, right. Smile, Kido, this to will pass. Trublu

Anonymous said...

interesting bit of syncronisity.. I was watching I Am Because We Are about Malawi .. they have sewage on their "floors" all the time... not a way to live...for anyone

Anonymous said...

I say, oooowww! Not a way to live at all. Hope things are getting better for you.