Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Decorum Est...Not

     I like politics.  I do.  I find the whole thing fascinating, and I am very interested in the leadership of our country, state, and city.  But I'm about over this election.  I don't want to see any more glossy ads asking if I "know what Todd Akin has said now."  I'm sure it is offensive.  But if people are still voting for that guy, they obviously don't care what he says.  Maybe if he burned a flag or offered to raise taxes on billionaires--that might get their attention.  Another round of sexist statements just means it's Tuesday.

     I watched the debate last night and felt as unconnected to both candidates as I ever have.  Both went on and on about how strong the military would be under their leadership.  Both went on and on about being "tough on Iran."  They'll also be tough on China, the country we love to hate, whose exports keep Walmart in business.  We all hate the trade imbalance with China.  Most of us have homes full of Chinese products.

     I am over the hypocrisy.  I am over the decidedly unChristian values on display from people who profess deep faith in Jesus.  And I am over the coarseness of our rhetoric, especially as it pertains to the president of the United States.

     Last night after the debate, super-conservative talking person Ann Coulter tweeted"I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard."

     I hesitate to quote that directly, because the final word is highly offensive.  It's a playground word, one that schools are symbolically burying in order to help kids remember not to say it.  And little kids are learning.  Perhaps someday Ann Coulter will attain the enlightened perspective of a typical second grader.

     You cannot say that about anyone.  You must not say that about the President of the United States.  There is still a certain level of decorum and respect owed to the highest office in this land.  If you want to claim any gravitas in speaking about who should be the next president, you might try according a little dignity to the current one.  

     And if you're going to insult him, at least pick something that makes sense.  The president's high level of intelligence is undisputed.  Even people who don't like him grudgingly admit that he is smart.  So along with being a terrible insult to people who struggle with mental and learning disabilities--a word that second graders have learned not to say--your comment was ridiculous. It was a word meant to offend, one which you just grabbed out of your bag of "words no one should say."  The same way the schoolyard bully calls a kid "gay," even though the child's sexuality isn't in question.

     I was already over Ann Coulter.  But I think I'll be glad when November Seventh gets here.  Then I can generally avoid being offended if I stay away from The Learning Channel and Fox News.  Assuming we all vote based on actual research, and not things we see in glossy advertisements or read on Twitter, or Facebook, or somebody's blog.

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PaxSimon said...

I'm glad that the debates are over. They didn't change my mind, but I did enjoy getting to spend some one to one quality time with others watching the debates. It was also the most time that I have spent with the President and Vice President in 4 years. Mostly I 'visit' with them in sound bites, or newspaper and magazine articles. Joe doesn't look much older, but the Presidency ages a person.

Mostly I am tired of spending so much time with the political pundits. I don't watch or read them regularly so all this time with them is giving me indigestion! Even my favorite - Rachel - left me cold last night. And I believe that all people should be respected - but especially the President in this country. Even when I haven't liked or agreed with past Presidents - they were still The President! Name calling is the domain of children and frustrated adults!

I just want to be done with it all and get to the voting. My anxiety now is about whether all those who want to vote can get to the polls, and that is where I am putting my time now.

Thanks for your wonderful thoughts!